Montag, 31. Januar 2011


eleonora arroyo´s work reminds me of popular or rural art. i love her reduced and expressive design. it´s a pity that she only published her marvelous picture books for publishing houses in argentina.

(c) eleonora arroyo

(c) eleonora arroyo
(c) eleonora arroyo
(c) eleonora arroyo
(c) eleonora arroyo
(c) eleonora arroyo

Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

all excited by beatrice alemagna

she has stolen my heart with her dreamlike, poetic and quirky work. beatrice alemagna´s illustrations,  paintings and books are like butterflies: they take me from blossom to blossem and give me a sense of heaven.

picture books by beatrice alemagna
oméga et l´ourse (c) beatrice alemagna
che cos' è un bambino? (c) beatrice alemagna
karl ibo (c) beatrice alemagna
le secret d´ugolin (c) beatrice alemagna
picture books by beatrice alemagna
(c) beatrice alemagna

(c) beatrice alemagna

(c) beatrice alemagna

(c) beatrice alemagna

the awesome work of elisabeth and camilla

i guess nearly most illustration and grafic lovers know studio violet where elisabeth and camilla are working and producing all that awesome things. neverthless or just because of that i would like to feature some of her works. if you want to see more so please have a look at their just as fine blog.

friends of violet (left) / katta (right)

the gang / circus

mr. moustache / headhunters

the life of mr. moustache (picture book)
the life of mr. moustache (inside)
the life of mr. moustache (inside)

the life of mr. moustache (inside)
in the wood collection
suspicious minds

Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

classical children books I

there are some children books that are or will become classic (not only) to my mind. i guess these are amongst others:

  • the tree house by marije and ronald tolman

black and white and geometry

black and white is my favorite colour combination at the moment, and i am fascinated by geometrical structures. thus nicole´s great work perfectly suited  just now.

Freitag, 28. Januar 2011

Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

Iisabel pin

i love her books, and my little daughter loves them too.
papa sumo (c) bajazzo verlag
ein regentag im zoo (c) bajazzo verlag
die geschichte vom kleinen loch (c) bajazzo verlag

illustrious illustrations

on MiMa i have started a column entitled "illustrious illustrations". it was the prestage and trigger of that blog and is a sweet little collection of illustrated books, illustrations and grafics. today i would like to show some of my finest findings.

knapfla for me means painted poesie.
Sandra Juto´s paintings are ranging between humour and irony, romantic and poesie.
Fideli Sundqvist´s paintings looks so gently and fragile.