Freitag, 18. Februar 2011


tomorrow we have to leave early in the morning, because we will go on holiday in switzerland. for that reason i would like to feature the artwork of an awesome swiss illustrator, designer and artist: alois carigiet (1902-1985). my little daughter has got a few children´s books illustrated by him and i adore his highly original aesthetics.

fyi: since i spend the next two weeks with more or less poor internet access in the mountains, i probably cannot post very often. please understand. i will do my best. have a good time. yours MiMa
florina and the wild bird (1952)
florina and the wild bird (1952)
florina and the wild bird (1952)

  a bell for ursli: a story from the engadine in switzerland (1945)

anton the goatherd (1965)
village trin

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  1. hallo,
    die haben wir auch von meinen schwiegerletern für die kinder bekommen. die sind nämlich sehr begeisterte schweizurlauber...toll, dass sie mir damit ebenfalls ein geschenk gemacht haben.
    liebe grüße