Freitag, 4. März 2011

small talk ::: constanze guhr

today i have a small talk with the freelance illustrator constanze guhr from berlin.

constanze at her working place petit4
would you please introduce yourself with a couple of sentences?
i am an illustrator since 2000 when my illustrations were shown at the bologna children`s bookfair. straight after that i could publish my first children’s book at a small publishing house in switzerland. so far it was a long way.

petit4 from above
i grew up in leipzig so i have a so called east german background including the east german bookart. i came to berlin almost 17 years ago and live here now with my small family a bit outside from the city center. but i come almost every day to the city center where i share a working space petit4 with three other illustrators.

at the moment i can realise very fine projects in which i do the illustrations, the layout and also the photographs on my own. its like composing, i put together different objects, papers, pictures, letters, stamps, old prints and my illustrations until i have a fine collage.

how did you get into illustration?
actually i was studying teaching art, wheni attended a seminar about children`s book illustration and i started loving it.

where do you find inspiration?
i can find inspiration in the streets of berlin, at shop-windows in cafés, children’s books, magazines, designbooks etc. i also like brainstorming with good friends, talking about projects etc.

what do you specially love about your work? What do you love not?
most of all i like to dream something up, to arse around. but i also love the final drawing because you can submerge into this energy. what i dislike are drafts, modifications and negotiations of a contract

published by gerstenberg verlag
do you have any plans or projects for 2011 to share with the readers?
i am very happy that the first book that i completely created by myself is out now. it is called mein wunderbares gartenbuch (my wonderful garden book) published at gerstenberg verlag. i did the writing and illustration. and i was working on it for about two years. thats why i hope it will find lots of readers and of course buyers :). you can also visit my blog.

how did you start as a freelancer, what have been the biggest challenges and how did you cope with them?
first when you start it is not very easy to find clients. i went to every bookfair showing my portfolio and waiting for jobs. i also contacted newspaper editors etc. it took me about 4 years to become better known by publishing houses and to create my own recognizable style. then i got more and more jobs.

published by gerstenberg verla

what is your typical day routine?
usually i bring my son to the kindergarden then i take the s-bahn to go to my office. i work until 2.30 p.m. then we have lunch. sometimes we go out for that, sometimes we cook. twice a week i can work until 6 p.m., the other days i pick up my son in the late afternoon. in the evenings i try not to work but i do the so called office work (answering emails, checkout interesting websites, find new contacts, writing bills etc)

at the very end: what makes a felicitous illustration from your point of view?
this is difficult to explain because it is something for the eyes. i like illustrations which are poetic, touching, extraordinary and maybe also a little bit rough. i don’t like too sweet and colourful illustrations and also not quick and inaccurate drawings.
free works by constanze guhr
 thanks to heide for proofreading.

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  1. vielen dank.
    ich habe jetzt auch ein paar verkäufliche originale auf meinem neuen blog:
    viele grüße und bis bald mal constanze