Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

small talk ::: katrin gamerschlag

i start a new rubric: under the heading of "small talk" artists have their say from now on. today i have a "small talk" with the freelance designer and illustrator katrin gamerschlag.

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would you please introduce yourself with a couple of sentences about you?
my name is katrin, 35 years old, living with my family in a former farmhouse nearby duisburg/germany. i'm working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for smakdesign since 7-8 years now. in addition i have started a little online-shop for kids stuff with a good friend two years ago: lilla lingon. on my blog lingonsmak i write about my work and projects, our shop and inspirations.

how did you get into design? and what do you love about your work or what don´t you love?
i love children books and illustrations since i was a child. thus i decided to study graphic design and i never regret it. i love my job not least because it offers a wide varity: different materials, colours, techniques. there is always something new to see and learn. the other side of the coin is the existance as a freelancer.

it wasn´t and isn´t always easy to work freelance. you are mostly under high pressure to acquire clients. i guess, that is the biggest challenge. it takes a lot of strength to persevere and you have to believe in yourself. thanks god, at this time clients get in touch with me.

do you have any plans or projects for 2011 to share with us?
my big project of this year is a children book. i got it in my head for a long time and it waits to be illustrated – like some other ideas, too.

what is your typical day routine?
my typical day starts with a mail-check, following i structure my day: what i have to do first? what are the most important tasks? then i start working. at the moment i work at home on a small desk – my "main station" – with my laptop. but sometimes i am also working in the living room, the kitchen or  the nursery.

working place

and the obligatory question at the end: what makes a felicitous design from your point of view?
i guess, felicitous design comes from the heart and expresses your personality. you can perceive the difference of a commissioned and a free work. thus free projects can be a great chance to make a felicitous design.

thank you very much! 

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