Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

wish i would be in bologna

i wish i would be in bologna on 28th-31st march 2011. why? because the most important international event dedicated to the children’s publishing takes place at this time: the bologna children’s book fair.

the  highlight for me is the illustrators exhibition, which presents 76 illustrators from 17 countries. this year´s guest of honour is lithuania, a country with great and solid tradition in the field of illustration.

lithuania has organised the exhibit illustrarium, which traces the history of lithuanian illustration by presenting works by its most famous artists, e.g. sigutė chlebinskaité, irena daukšaitė-guobienė, stasys eidrigevičius lidija glinskienė or deimantė rybakovienė.

sigutė chlebinskaité:
illustration from the book “what’s happening in the yard“, 2003
irena daukšaitė-guobienė: illustration from the book “the gods and goddesses of old lithuania“, 2009
stasys eidrigevičius: illustration from the book “tales of fairies“, 2008
lidija glinskienė: an illustration to aleksas baltrūnas book "katė ir balandis" (the cat and the pigeon), 1967

deimantė rybakovienė: illustration from the book “lithuanian fables“, 2010

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  1. ci sarò a Bologna, davvero belli questi lavori che hai pubblicato, li cercherò per ammirarli.