Dienstag, 26. April 2011

indian influence

calef brown is an illustrator living "on the beautiful coast of maine with his family and two cats and a dog named sneech".  he studied illustration at pratt institute and art center college of design, and beyond others he writes and illustrates books for children. four of them were written during trips to india and i guess, i can make up the indian popular culture (some years ago i have managed an exhibition about indian popular culture).
four of calef browns children´s books: tippintown: a guided tour (2003), flamingos on the roof: poems and paintings (2006), soup for breakfast (2010) polkabats and octopus slacks: 14 stories (1998)

besides writing and illustrating awesome children´s book calef creates art for a wide array of clients.
a variety of calef brown´s artwork
If you would like to see more of his great work please have a look at his

Dienstag, 19. April 2011

small talk ::: hiyoko imai

the first time we have got in contact was before the earthquake hit japan. then hiyoko imai was in japan. fortunately, she came back safe. thus you can follow our little "small talk" today.

hiyoko imai in her studio
about me
i am a tokyo-born illustrator or designer living in amsterdam. Love craftsmanship, minimalism, gardening and food culture.

my work
all of my paper illustrations are made of traditional japanese paper with very warm, natural texture and colors. every single piece of every composition has been but and pasted by hand. no photoshop here! purely hand-made.

the dutch call this ‘monnikenwerk' (monk work), as it requires lots of patience and accuracy. i always very much enjoy the process of making these compositions as i care about details and geometrical yet organic shapes. and although this comes across as perfectionism, the charm lies also in its imperfections. imperfections that are the signature of hand-made art.

my paper series, ‘mont petit’, consists of stacked tiny triangles (± 3 mm wide) and turns out to be my most representative piece of ‘monnikenwerk’ to date. right now i'm working on the new collection, and it will be available at the mont petit webshop very soon.

artists: charley harper, isamu noguchi, richard tuttle, sol lewitt and many more.

three incredibles (i share/work together at the studio): luis mendo (art director),  laszlito kovacs (illustrator) and javier arce (programmer and illustrator)

current project
my husband and i have just started a project called 'tanemaki'. tanemaki is japanese and translates as “to plant” or “to seed”.

our tanemaki project reaches out directly to kids and their communities in tohoku-area and helps them re-build their lives.

we like to plant initiatives in their destroyed communities; to seed hope for a positive future. this is a fun and creative project that many people can involve in various ways. we will be organizing the fundraising events and workshops here in amsterdam and also in japan. all the proceeds from my webshop go to our tanemaki project, too! you can find more information at our tanemaki site.


what makes a felicitous illustration?
simply anything that makes people smile and happy :-)
thanks so much for answering my questions, hiyoko.

Samstag, 16. April 2011

elaborate details and merry characters

fish-flat (c) bjørn rune lie
self-portrait (c) bjørn rune lie
bjørn rune lie was born in 1977 in norway and lives in bristol, england. 2001 he graduated from falmouth college of art as a graphic designer and has been working as freelance illustrator ever since. he has written and illustrated a children's book called welhavens vase. it is a story about a trucker, a millionaire and a contortionist.

besides illustration he is doing several designs e.g. art-like things for his friends at yee haw industries or tea towls for the finnish company kauniste.

bjørn lie´s whole work strongly reflects the norwegian nature and the scandinavian’s cheerful side of life. motifs you often find in his pictures are trees, woods or lakes. i love the merry characters and elaborate details that characterize his unusual style.

if you would like to see more of his work have a look at his blog.


super whippy

not in my airforce

avenue magazine
fish boutique
nhs education magazine

all pictures (c) bjørn rune lie

Dienstag, 12. April 2011

something magical

his illustrations remotely reminds me of rené magritte´s picture language.
i am talking about the great french illustrator martin jarrie (*1953), whose real name is jean-pierre moreau. since 1990 – after deciding to paint in a very personal style – he changed his name into martin jarrie, which is strongly connected to his childhood. in any case there is something magical about his illustrations. isn´t it?

if you would like to know more about martin jarrie or his art work, please feel free to contact him via martin.jarrie@aliceadsl.fr

all pictures (c) martin jarrie

Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

e-market finds ::: eating & drinking

lots of illustrators and artists offer their products at relevant online-market-places like etsy or dawanda. from time to time i go on a quest for illustrations at these platforms and often i find the one or the other treasure. my today´s finds deals with eating and drinking.
coloured bowls by mrs. eliot books
still life with red jug by artspace
to many teacups by seasprayblue
olive oil containers by anek
by bluebicicletta
cup and saucer "sleeping fox" by kimslittlemonsters
favorite food journal by claudiagpearson
sit eat enjoy by JennSki

Sonntag, 3. April 2011

small talk ::: sandra juto

a few weeks ago i have had a small talk with sandra juto, a great illustrator, artist and photographer from sweden living in berlin. please find our little conservation above.
plural magazine
would you please introduce yourself with a couple of sentences? for instance where do you live, where are you from, what is your current project or passion, your professional background or the like.

hi, i'm sandra juto, living in berlin. born and raised in sweden where i spent my first 32 years. my current passion is discovering my new city. my professional background is an mfa in design - i work as a designer, illustrator and artist. one of my biggest passions is yarn and i crochet a lot - for example wristworms. i also take lots of pictures, some (quite many actually) of them are presented daily on my blog.
sandra´s wonderful wristworms

how did you get into illustration and where do you find inspiration?

when studying design i was more and more drawn to illustration. my school didn't educate illustrators, but every project i made was about

illustration so i ended up staying at home making illustrations a bit secretly. i find inspiration in listening to people's stories, sitting at cafés, reading books, crochet, good food, dry martini, walking and traveling.

what do you love about your work special, and what don´t you love?

i love the freedom of my way of working, i am my own boss. i don't love that i sometimes don't know when i will get any money the next time, but it's a price i'm willing to pay for the freedom i have.

(c) sandra juto
do you have any plans or projects for 2011?

i have had a pretty long break from illustration, which i will take up this year again. i haven't made more than 2-3 illustrations the last couple of years, will see when i start again, hopefully soon!

what is your typical day routine?

as for a typical day routine i don't have one - i wake up in the morning and depending on what's in my inbox, i shape my day after that.

(c) sandra juto
and at the very end: what makes a felicitous illustration from your point of view?

that you work from a distinct idea and put in something extra into it. both idea-wise and aestetically. i think the beauty of the illustration is as important as the idea behind it.

thank you very much, sandra, for giving me that little interview. i am really looking forward to your new illustrations and hope i haven´t have to wait very long.

illustrations by sandra juto