Dienstag, 26. April 2011

indian influence

calef brown is an illustrator living "on the beautiful coast of maine with his family and two cats and a dog named sneech".  he studied illustration at pratt institute and art center college of design, and beyond others he writes and illustrates books for children. four of them were written during trips to india and i guess, i can make up the indian popular culture (some years ago i have managed an exhibition about indian popular culture).
four of calef browns children´s books: tippintown: a guided tour (2003), flamingos on the roof: poems and paintings (2006), soup for breakfast (2010) polkabats and octopus slacks: 14 stories (1998)

besides writing and illustrating awesome children´s book calef creates art for a wide array of clients.
a variety of calef brown´s artwork
If you would like to see more of his great work please have a look at his

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  1. Die Illustrationen gefallen mir ausgesprochen gut! Mein Favorit ist das Flamingo-Haus. LG