Dienstag, 12. April 2011

something magical

his illustrations remotely reminds me of rené magritte´s picture language.
i am talking about the great french illustrator martin jarrie (*1953), whose real name is jean-pierre moreau. since 1990 – after deciding to paint in a very personal style – he changed his name into martin jarrie, which is strongly connected to his childhood. in any case there is something magical about his illustrations. isn´t it?

if you would like to know more about martin jarrie or his art work, please feel free to contact him via martin.jarrie@aliceadsl.fr

all pictures (c) martin jarrie


  1. what a wonderful world of dreams... just one look, and you get addicted to these paintings. THANK YOU!

  2. just amazing...what lovley illustrations...so magical and so much to discover...thanks for sharing...cheers and hugs...i...